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Black Stainless (SS-77,A-16) black bar for cutting;
17 -19bars per case. Red Jeweler's Rouge (7WS) dark maroon jeweler's rouge for very fine finishing; 22 bars per case. Green Chrome Rouge (C-3, C-311) green rouge for coloring; 17-18 bars per case. Brown-Red Tripoli (D-14, T-15) reddish-brown tripoli for cutting and coloring; 20 bars per case. White Crome Rouge (FW2) white bar for finishing all chrome metals; 18-19 bars per case. Learock Compound (#884, 9B52) #884 is a whitish-gray rolled bar for coloring; 30 bars per case #9B52 is a tan bar for coloring; 25 bars per case. Black Magic and Blue Moon brass and aluminum coloring compound; 24 bars per case.

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